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Ruth B Net Worth 2024: Owner of $3 Million Net Worth in 2024

Ruth B. is a well-known songwriter as well as a singer. In 2013 her vines became famous. In 2015 her debut EP came. Ruth B net worth is $3 million in 2024. Her parents moved from Ethiopia to Canada and she was also known as an Ethiopian – Canadian singer. In 2015 her first debut EP came and in 2017 her debut album came. 

She got famous for her songs “Last Boy” and “Dandelions”. She is very hardworking from her childhood. To learn more about Ruth B. net worth read this interesting blog. It might be useful for you. For detailed information on Ruth B., scroll down the page.

Who is Ruth B.?

Ruth B. is an outstanding Canadian singer and songwriter also. Her original name is Ruth B, she is known by her stage name Ruth B. Her DOB is 02-08-1995. She started her career in 2013 by singing songs on vine. She is a pop singer and a vine star. Her first solo debut Lost Boy was released in 2015. 

She has done several songs and also collaborated with various artists. Her Dandelions song became very popular. She also loves storytelling. For the last 2 years she has not had any concerts. When she was only 8 she started learning piano. 


Full Name Ruth Berhe
Age  28 
Birth 2 july 1995 
Origin Edmonton, Canada 
Occupation Singer 7 songwriter 
Career 2013 – till today 
Ruth B. net worth$3 million

Early Life and Education 

Ruth was born in Edmonton, Canada. In 1980 her parents moved from Ethiopia to Edmonton. Her mother tongue is Amharic and she also used to talk in that language fluently. In an interview she claims that she is an introvert personality. She also worked in a local Reitmans clothing store during her teenage years. 

While working in a clothing store she also began posting 6 sec videos on vine. According to her, 6 sec videos took less effort to upload. Ruth completed his high school from Ross Shepherd High School in 2013. She also goes to MacEwan university. 


In 2013 Ruth B. started posting her vine videos. She used to make six seconds short vine videos. In the same year she posted a vine and gained the attention of various individuals. On that vine 84000 likes had come. Alot of people commented on her vine that she should make a full song, later in 2015 she released her song Lat Boy. 

In 2017 her debut album Safe Haven came, in which Dandelions song also included. She was nominated for a Juno award and also won it. She also achieved a national arts center award. Her recent song was released in 2022, Paper Airplanes. In her entire career she worked hard and achieved various awards and especially the hearts of her fans. 

Ruth B Net Worth 2024

Ruth B is a singer and songwriter, she belongs from canada. In 2024 Ruth b. net worth is $3 million. In her teenage years she started posting short clip videos on vines. Her debut album was came in 2015 and also it was reached #20 in canada. In her entire career she got very famous and achieved various awards. Her last 5 years net worth list are given below- 

Year Ruth B Net Worth 

Award List 

Ruth Berhe started her career in 2013 and is still working hard. She is a Canadian singer as well as a songwriter. She was nominated several times. In 2017 her song Dandelions became a super hit. In 2015 her debut EP “The Intro” came. In 2017 her debut album Safe Haven came and also collected 2.5 billion overall streams across the world.  

Won Nominated 
Awards Won 
Shorty awards 
iHeartRadio music video award 
Teen choice awards 
BET awards 
Juno awards 1
Canadian radio music awards 2
Canadian Radio Music Awards – 
Black reel awards 


Ruth B is from Canada, she is a very well-known singer and songwriter in Canada. She lives in a family of 4 including her. She loves piano and started playing it at a young age. In her entire career, she has collaborated with many artists. She has a wide fan following on social media platforms. 

She started her career in 2013, in her teenage years she worked part-time in a clothing store and loved to upload short videos on vines, and She also loved storytelling. In 2024 Ruth B net worth stands at $3 million. She won various awards and was nominated several times. 


Q1. Whom Ruth Berhe are influenced by?

    Ruth B. said that she was influenced by various artists such as Lauryn Hill, The Beatles, Creole King, Taylor Swift, Adele, Group Love, and Ed Sheeran. She also said that her favorite artist is also a storyteller. 

    Q2. Does Ruth also write the song Lost Boy?

      Yes, Ruth B  wrote the song Lost Boy. There was a story Lost Boy, when she was watching a TV program she started thinking about Neverland and the idea of writing LOst Boy came.

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