Ice Spice Mom: Ice Spice’s family, Real name, Age, Height, Net Worth

The bombastic rapper Ice Spice, who was born in the Bronx, has been hugely popular. Because of her appealing songs and vocals, she has become a rising star in the industry, beloved by her fans. Having entered the world on January 1, 2000, Ice Spice has already reached the age of 24. She elegantly introduced the new millennium and had a lasting impression on everyone.

At 14 years old, Isis Naija Gaston chose a fun alias for her personal Instagram account, leading to the creation of her stage name Ice Spice. Typically for Instagram, she deleted a post where she disclosed her real name. This occurred due to Instagram’s system mistakenly interpreting the word Isis, which can also denote a group.

Ice Spice is content with her original name because it mirrors her heritage. Despite her musical personality as Ice Spice, it’s still important to her true name.

Ice Spice Mom

She is a multiethnic person. Joseph Gaston, her father, was formerly a hip-hop artist and is African-American. Charina Almanzar, Ice Spice Mom, is of Dominican descent. At the age of 17, Almanzar who worked at an automobile dealership gave birth to Ice Spice. Isis’s parents got divorced when she was two years old. They met at a McDonald’s restaurant for their first time together.

Ice Spice’s mom has become quite well-known online after posting a video of herself dancing to the singer’s latest single. Despite being a famous rapper in her family, people loved watching Ice Spice Mom in the video. Ice Spice has gained a lot of popularity from her songs, such as “Munch,” and her fans find her attractive. They even have lovely things to say about Ice Spice Mom online and have photos of her.

Ice Spice’s Mother Age

Ice Spice mom had him when she was 17 years old. So, Charina Almánzar will be approximately 41 years old. 

How Old is Ice Spice’s Mother

Ice Spice has stated that his mother gave birth to him at the age of 17. Based on this, Charina Almánzar will be approximately 40-41 years old in March 2024.

Age of Ice Spice Mom and Dad  

Charina Almanzar

Charina Almanzar is Ice Spice’s mom. As a young child, Ice Spice was raised by Charina. While Ice Spice’s father’s role in raising her remains a mystery to the public, it is evident that Charina has been a strong source of support.

Charina became somewhat well-known on the internet. She can be seen dancing excitedly to Ice Spice’s music in a leaked video. Fans couldn’t even tell Charina and Ice Spice apart – some believed Charina was just a younger Ice Spice.

Charina leads a life that is somewhat private. Other than being Ice Spice Mom, not much is known about her personal or professional life.

Joseph Gaston

Joseph Gaston is Ice Spice’s father. He was formerly a hip-hop artist and is African American of Nigerian origin. This could account for Ice Spice’s initial exposure to rappers and possibly ignite Ice Spice’s own musical interest.

Joseph Gaston is the father of Ice Spice. He is a Nigerian-American African-American. When he was a toddler, he went to the studio with Isis and was an underground rapper. Gaston had an important effect on Ice Spice’s rapping career.

Ice Spice’s Net Worth

The celebrity has just been working in the music business for the past two years. But she’s emerged as a leading vocalist, drawing interest from numerous record labels. In 2023, it is believed that her net worth amounts to $2 million. At this time, Ice Spice reside in New Jersey, United States of America. Ice Spice’s estimated net worth, as recorded net worth and Instagram, is $8 million, setting a new record for 2024.

Ice Spice Sibling

The musician is one of four siblings. In her family, she is the oldest child. Joey Gaston, her younger brother, plays quarterback for Iona Prep in New York throughout his high school career. The artist from America loves to be there for her brothers, and she has shielded them from bullies. Ice is the family’s eldest daughter. Among her four siblings are a few teenagers. About the siblings, though, not much is known. Recently, a picture of Ice with an unidentified woman went viral. Many conjectured that Ice Spice’s sister was the woman in the picture. The identity of the woman is not confirmed by the photo. The American rapper has shielded her siblings from harm. Spice adds that she likes supporting her siblings.

Where Does Ice Spice Get Her Name

“I decided Ice Spice because it rhymes,” she said in an interview with Elle published in January 2023. “I was thinking of a finsta name when I was fourteen years old, and I thought, ‘What rhymes with ice? Add some spice. In addition, I adore spicy cuisine. Everything has hot sauce on it.


Despite appearing laid-back, Ice Spice has a fiery history. This Capricorn rapper was born Isis Naija Gaston and has African American and Dominican ancestry. Joseph, her father, possibly sparked her interest in music when she was young, while Ice Spice Mom, Charina, supports and motivates her. You are now familiar with the family behind the celebrity.

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